Why Portable Storage is Great for Moving

Published on 5/15/2023

Are you currently moving or planning a move in the future? Are you not sure where to store all your items between the move? A portable storage solution may be the right choice for you! Portable storage units act like a garage or shed, by providing storage right at your house. However, unlike a garage or shed, they can move to your new home when you are ready for them to arrive. The convenience of this makes them a perfect option for moving. Other perks to portable storage solutions are you can take your time loading and unloading them, you can avoid driving large hauling vehicles when moving, and there is no excess driving or loading of your items. 

Take Your Time Loading and Unloading

The last thing you want while packing up your house is to be rushed. This causes stress when you arrive at your new destination and things become missing, broken, or lost. One of the biggest advantages of using a portable storage unit is that you can take your time loading and unloading your items. Park the unit in your driveway, and add boxes to it in an organized way. When you are done packing, the container gets delivered to your new home, and then there is no rush to put your things away. This allows you to finish any projects, like cleaning, renovations or painting, that you may have. 

Avoid Driving Large Moving Trucks

Loading a moving truck can be difficult when you have to maneuver up and down a ramp. The difficulty escalates when you are carrying large items and walking backwards. This can easily turn into a dangerous task if you are not a trained professional. A portable storage unit eliminates this, as they are set directly on the ground. When you are ready for your move, take your personal vehicle and go, because all of your items will be in the portable storage unit. This means no stress about driving a large moving truck, especially across the country for long moves. Save money on gas, and don’t worry about how you are going to get your vehicle to the final destination. 

No Excessive Driving or Loading

To utilize a traditional self-storage unit, you will have to load your items to store in a vehicle at your house. Then you’ll have to drive to the storage facility and unload the items. When you are moved to the new location, you will have to drive back to the storage facility, and reload your items back into your vehicle. Finally, you can drive your items to your new home. With portable units, you skip all of the extra driving, time, and energy that goes into traditional self storage. This is convenient when you are moving, as you already have a million other things to take care of. Portable storage can save you money if you would have had to rent a larger vehicle to bring your items to a stationary storage unit. It also saves you from having to pay for extra gas to get back and forth from the facility. Save your time, money, and back by avoiding the extra loading and driving, and using a portable storage solution instead.

With the ability to be brought to you, providing time for loading and unloading, and saving you time and money and loading pains, a portable storage unit is a great choice for anyone who is moving. Use this guide to determine if a portable storage unit is the best solution for your short-term storage issues. Here at ZKE Storage, we want to make your move go as smoothly as possible. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.